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We place a very high value on customer feedback to ensure we stay in tune with our clients needs and expectations and continue to deliver excellent results and customer service. Every customer is given a feedback form which may be returned freepost to our Head Office. The feedback is logged, and where client permission has been given, the testimonials from those feedback forms are published below.

Dogs responded so well it was like they were totally different dogs! Amy is so easy to talk with, answered all questions. So very, very knowledgeable and experienced. Gave us the dog owners confidence and hope!! Wish I had seen her years ago with my other dogs. Cannot describe what a good decision this was to call HER. And all of this in FIRST visit.
Jan R., Stokesdale, North Carolina 14th January 2018

Wally and I were very fortunate to have found Amy. Wally is a puppy who was is found in a park and rescued by a local Foundation. Wally and I found each other and the learning process began. The more we got to know each other there were things that came up that needed to be worked on. I had a lot of questions about behaviors, observations, and concerning experiences we had encountered. I feel like it's very important to truly understand Wally. When I contacted Amy she was very prompt and returning my call. She spent a lot of time on the phone with me going over all the concerns and experiences I've had with Wally. She was very interested and took the time to listen to what I had to say. She was able to go through each layer of my concern and experiences with Wally and make sense of them to me. She was able to give me incredible insight into Wally and reasons for some of his behaviour. She was able to educate me on training, behaviors, and basic needs of a dog. Amy is incredibly knowledgeable. She has worked a long time in her field. She is professional, an expert in her field, and top of the line. She's very positive, motivated, and real. I have learned so much from Amy in a short period of time. She not only gave me insight into Wally, but also myself. She gave me the confidence and courage to believe in myself, my knowledge, my skill ability, and trust my thoughts. I am so thankful for Amy. She has really made a huge difference in my life with Wally.
Christin G., Burlington, North Carolina 19th September 2017

Amy was very clear, concise, informative and provided excellent examples & practiced what she taught. Bucket responded in an excellent manner. Today is the first day for Bucket & me in our new adventure in our relationship.
Denise M., Greensboro, North Carolina 4th May 2017
Trainer's Comments
Denise and Bucket did extremely well! Denise was a teacher, so she really understood the natural method and communicated clearly with Bucket. Bucket responded so well that she even listened outside on the first day! Bucket really wants to do the right thing and now knows how to do that!!

Excellent training. It actually showed me my instinct training was all wrong. Sophie has shown a huge improvement in just a few hours & has shown her willingness to learn.
Carol E., Colfax, North Carolina 12th March 2017

Amy is very knowledgeable & specific with explanations of behavior, instincts, etc. Come & stay were learned quickly. Gizmo responding to "Bahh's" well. Amy's abilities to train are amazing.
Nancy M., Summerfield, North Carolina 9th March 2017

Very helpful. Katie learned very quickly (as did her owner)! She and I learned how to communicate in "dog-language" and practiced using it. Communication was great (both dog to human and human to human). I learned "no" in dog language & she learned "leave it & "sit". I'm learning to growl but I'm not very good at it yet- need more practice!
Margie C., Winston Salem, North Carolina 7th March 2017
Trainer's Comments
Margie and Sophie learned so much in just one session. Sophie even went for a walk on a leash and no longer pulled or got overly excited about the neighbors. She stopped jumping and listened so well to Margie. And, Margie is better than she thinks she is in doing her "Bah's" (growls)!

The training session was very informative. Bella responded well. Before she barked non-stop at visitors. She didn't bark, didn't attack sweeper, didn't bark at door and did not bark at yardman.
Anne K., Burlington, North Carolina 6th March 2017

Before Amy worked with Joban he barked at all people and all dogs. Anytime he heard a sound he would bark and he would not come when called. After just the first session Joban is already responding to all the new techniques and our house is quieter.
Savannah B., Greensboro, North Carolina 6th March 2017

Chilly responded well to the training. His biting, jumping was so improved on the first day of training.
Joanne B., High Point, North Carolina 6th February 2017
Trainer's Comments
The family did really well as they really needed to get their puppy to stop nipping and breaking skin. He responded immediately and the nipping, jumping and hyper activity stopped. He even stopped whining when they left the room. Great job!

Amy was very helpful. Our dog was responsive to her techniques. He is already learning and adapting. We are too! "Bahhh" is so simple and effective. We are already seeing positive results. He is jumping less, coming when called, and playing appropriately.
Jennifer C., Greensboro, North Carolina 20th September 2016

Amy was so very helpful with our new puppy. Her professionalism, kindness and passion was very clear when helping us with our new puppy. If you're looking for someone who truly acknowledges that each dog is different and offers an individualized approach to training, she is the trainer for you!
Denisr B., Graham, North Carolina 2nd September 2016

Castle was jumping, nipping, and not coming when she was called. With the tools and techniques given to us by Amy, helped us to teach Castle not to jump or nip and to come when called. Definitely very helpful and informative with very specific tools and techniques. Also, the narrative about dogs and how they learn was very helpful and very informative about what and how to provide for Castle.
Jennifer O., Jamestown, North Carolina 28th June 2016

We are the new parents of Mystic, a 4.5 month Siberian Husky puppy and have been looking into getting some professional training to avoid problems down the road. We have contacted franchise trainers as well as co-workers that do training on the side. None of these felt right....if they even called us back. When we sent Amy an email asking for some help, she was by far the quickest to get back to us, and then went above and beyond to offer suggestions and training points. While the other trainers were all about packages and prices, Amy never once made it seem that her time was for the money, but rather for the love of dogs, and in particular "our" dog. She is very knowledgeable and willing to help out with any and all concerns for new or seasoned fur baby parents. Amy is a bargain at any price!
Greg K., Winston Salem, North Carolina 18th April 2016

We are incredibly impressed with our first session with Amy Clear. The initial training instruction to "us" as learners, Amy's calm and professional approach and the length of the session resulted in immediate and successful positive behaviors with our 4.5 month Tibetan Terrier puppy. This approach to in-home training was the perfect solution to our puppy issues.
Susan C., Kernersville, North Carolina 25th February 2016

Our dog Callie is a rescue who had been neglected severely and abused. She was very skittish and not trusting and did not listen or obey very well. Amy has an incredible way of interacting with dogs (and with the owners!) and Callie showed a trust in Amy almost instantly. As we progressed through the training Amy explained and demonstrated everything very well. She wouldn't move to the next phase until we were completely comfortable. This has been a lot of work but it has been very fun and developing a relationship with Callie has been a total joy. Callie has become an incredibly well behaved, trusting, loyal and happy companion. It is such a joy to have a dog that behaves so well. We highly recommend Amy and Bark Busters. We have been through other training programs in the past with other animals and we have found Amy to be the best, by far!!
Steve Y., Pfafftown, North Carolina 30th July 2015

Training very straight forward, concise and easy to understand. Before 1st session Bella was very excited & unfocused. After 2 1/2 hours she was calm and focused on us & listening to commands. We are very excited to have these new tools and understanding of dog behaviors.
Peg B., Greensboro, North Carolina 20th April 2015

After just our first session with Amy we are already seeing results. I am completely satisfied with the decision to work with Bark Busters and Amy! It is hard to think that someone could explain things in a way you never thought about or that you could learn things you don't read online and it would be so easy to implement. Thank you!!!
Kate Z., Winston Salem, North Carolina 2nd April 2015

Sammie was barking, scratching at door & following me everywhere. After, Sammie is not barking, staying and listening and also staying in his crate. Amy is an amazing trainer.
Sandi S., Winston Salem, North Carolina 9th February 2015
Trainer's Comments
Sammie was very stressed upon seeing visitors and especially when his owner left him even for a few seconds. He had previously hurt himself to get out of his crate. Sammie responded immediately to the training and relaxed. Both his owner and I were so happy to see him finally relax and not worry about her leaving the house or visitors coming to the door. To completely remove his stress will take time, but he is making amazing progress!

The training was extremely helpful and instantly provided a sense of 'calm' for our dogs and family. Our dogs seem more in control in just hours! We knew our dog was smart, but was controlling our family negatively - now we can manage him with more confidence. Techniques are easy to understand and implement.
Erin J., Greensboro, North Carolina 7th January 2015
Trainer's Comments
Drake did extremely well as did the owners! They really needed him to stop stealing food and toys. His jumping and barking were really disruptive to them and their small children. They could not eat one meal without issues, frustration and discomfort. Within the week they reported that Drake has not stolen food off the kitchen counters or while any of them eat a meal, even when watching TV. Both owners really focused on the steps and the communication making this a win-win for everyone!

Amy is wonderful! I recently added a second puppy to my family and I want to make sure the sisters get along. Amy taught me techniques for getting my dogs to listen to me and helping me keep them "under control". It's amazing to see Coco and Cassie listening to mommy! We're also going to work on potty training!
Jodi D., Jamestown, North Carolina 14th November 2014
Trainer's Comments
Jodi is a first time dog owner and now having two dogs was becoming a bit stressful. Jodi is very good at communicating with both dogs and is very committed to making her home happy and balanced. I look forward to helping her as Cassie grows up!

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