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Ringo would go down the stairs every time my husband would leave for work. Within a few minutes of training with Amy, Ringo stayed upstairs and didn't even try to go down the stairs. When putting Ringo into his kennel, he didn't growl like he normally does. He went right in. It is a very simple training technique and is working amazing in such little time.
Bonnie H., Colfax, North Carolina 16th June 2014

Amy was fantastic! Tesla responded instantly to the training style. She's learned she doesn't have to bark and respond to every little noise. Tesla also was clearly enjoying herself! I haven't seen her that happy in a long time.
Lisa G., Greensboro, North Carolina 13th June 2014

Very thorough and educational. Pisgah was not really listening to us before training. By the end of our session she was coming to us and listening when called. After we were trained in about 30 min she was coming when called. We couldn't be happier.
Angie B., Winston Salem, North Carolina 14th May 2014

Taylor re-acted very well to this training method. He showed improvement on the 1st day - Barking especially. I should have done this 1 1/2 years ago. Better late than never!
Dana H., Greensboro, North Carolina 13th May 2014

In just an hour and a half, Batman is now coming and listening, two behaviors that he has never done before. We are excited about the potential of the training, not just for Batman, but for our other dogs as well.
Julie S., Tobaccoville, North Carolina 13th May 2014

Before scheduling our first training, Amy gave us some invaluable training tools & techniques on the phone. We learned how to begin crate & house training with high value treats. When we had our first session, Arya learned how to sit, come, lay down & go to crate! For a 3 month old puppy, this is incredible! We're so excited to continue training & seeing Arya grow into such a wonderfully trained companion.
Megan L., Greensboro, North Carolina 27th April 2014

Training Spy to understand when she does "wrong" seems to be easier than I thought. With Amy teaching me the right things to look for when correcting Spy is the key. Spy is a "good student". She came to me more when I called her today than she ever has. Working with Spy for only a short period on a leash today and she is doing better about not walking me.
Marci E., Kernersville, North Carolina 27th April 2014

Luda was not attentive, had barking issues, did not listen when called and jumped on couches. Amy taught us fundamentals with the use of voice commands, body language and training aids how to correct. Within the first training he was already listening better and connecting the dots. She gave us great tools to use on a daily basis.
Lauren S., Greensboro, North Carolina 27th April 2014

Excellent training. Before Otis would not listen to anything and after he listened very well. Amazing!!! Amy taught me techniques to use to get Otis to listen & acknowledge me & he responded the way I wanted him to.
Stacy P., High Point, North Carolina 14th March 2014

Learning to be consistent in training; instructions on potty training, responding to voice commands such as 'stay', 'crate'. Learned how to recognize dog's body language. Hannah responded well to most commands. Amy helped us recognize what we've been doing wrong and how to correct our training.
Mickey S., Winston Salem, North Carolina 3rd March 2014

The training was very informative. We learned a lot about how to control Max. I saw so much improvement in his first session. It really gave me hope for the future. He was listening more, coming when called and not jumping on me. Great results!
Marisa M., Greensboro, North Carolina 16th February 2014
Trainer's Comments
Max is a 4 month old chocolate lab that had never listened to Marisa since she got him at 6.5 weeks. He really began to focus on her and Josh during the first hour. I know Marisa and Josh will be really consistent with his training and I look forward to seeing them again!

We learned how to communicate with Presley. I like how the training centers around how dogs would communicate with each other.
Clare & Michael M., Kernersville, North Carolina 29th January 2014
Trainer's Comments
Presley made great progress even on the first day! He ignored items left on the counter, trays and even the floor. He stopped barking and running to the door thanks to your great communication with him! I look forward to seeing him again. UPDATE: 7/18/14 Congratulations to Mike, Clare and Presley! He graduated today. He no longer barks, challenges Mike, steals food or answers the door. He walks nicely on his leash and is so much calmer and happier. Thanks to Mike and Clare for their work in making Presley such a happy dog!

Amy was better than I could have ever imagined. She has already trained me & my dog in 2 1/2 hours. It can't be any better! Very knowledgeable and so powerful when she speaks. If this was all I ever learned, it would be enough! My puppy comes now when called, distance control was almost immediate and BAHH worked perfectly! I loved Amy! I will recommend Bark Busters as soon as I can call everyone!
Priscilla C., Greensboro, North Carolina 2nd December 2013

Wonderful - such common sense techniques but done in such a practical way. Amy is so comforting and I feel like we have a plan to help Charlie feel safe. Amy made me feel like my sweet dog is going to learn these ways to communicate and we will both be better.
Cheryl C., Winston Salem, North Carolina 30th October 2013

Amy was amazing. She delivers exceptional training that produces immediate results. I wish we did this 10 years ago. Thank you Amy!
John R., Greensboro, North Carolina 22nd October 2013

Absolutely excellent!!! I can't even describe the feeling! And, I think Tuck is happy too. Better (awesome) come when called, focus on me, staying behind the door (crate, room) until called.
Sarah K., Greensboro, North Carolina 22nd October 2013

Very helpful in helping me to recognize I needed to understand Lilly's posture and energies and how to confront them. How to help her become more comfortable with her boundaries. Helped me realize how to communicate my desires to her. She was for more balanced when Amy left than ever before. Helped me realize that I was capable of actions/leadership skills that I did not know I had. Many thanks!
Gretchen E., Greensboro, North Carolina 10th October 2013

It was amazing how quickly Bentley responded to cues and his ability to absorb the information and training. I can't wait to show everyone how well-behaved my puppy has become and train him to be a respectful, calm and friendly dog to all. Everyone should advise their friends on the proper greeting technique to make all dogs happier!
Kerry R., Greensboro, North Carolina 28th September 2013

This was very clear & concise training. All of my questions were answered completely and I like how this is not aggressive in anyway. I also like the very thorough lecture in the beginning. The visual aids helped a lot to integrate the information. During the hands-on part it was helpful to get the constant prompts. This made the process way less stressful and let me focus on my dog without worrying about forgetting what to do. I got immediate results for my dog Oscar.
Ruby N., Greensboro, North Carolina 18th August 2013

Thanks to Amy, Merle has turned into a wonderful dog. At night he lies by our feet until it is bedtime - then his "Dad" takes him out to whiz and survey the property one last time. Afterwards he gets in his crate and sleeps all night. I am a little amazed that he is this calm considering where we were a couple of years ago. We seriously considered getting rid of him (call it what it is). The biggest difference has been Amy's training and the fence Amy recommended. Merle needs his space and often just wants to go outside into his back yard and do whatever dogs do (sun himself, chew on a stick, chase the squirrels, watch the neighborhood cats who taunt him). Amy taught us to speak "dog" so we know what his behavior means - a paw on top of us is not affection, it is dominance. We still have to work with him every day as he is naturally dominant (or a bit hard-headed). Yet, around other dogs he is very submissive. Sometimes he gets into a little trouble with other dogs because he is powerful and a bit goofy. I make a point of having him play with other dogs regularly. As I said, we have learned to speak "dog" but he has also learned a lot of English. He knows all his favorite people's names and will find them if they hide (he cheats though because he sniffs out the hiding places). He has also learned to get a beer from the refrigerator and bring it to us. He retrieves sticks and balls but his favorite toy is a log (yep, a log!) He knows the names of all his toys and will bring them to you if asked. Mostly these days we enjoy our time together. In the morning he chews his bone at my feet while I play on the computer. After my shower we always go for a ride in the car. When walking on a leash he is incredibly well behaved - other dogs barking or passing us do not phase him. In the afternoon, he is a great companion while I quilt. Don't get me wrong - we still have to closely supervise him with visitors because he is 85 lbs. and excitable (need to work on this). Sometimes he barks when people come to the door. Frankly, I suspect that bad behavior is just around the corner if we don't reinforce that we are the boss as Amy taught us. We love him very much and he is part of the family.
Ruby McGhee, Jamestown 10th December 2012

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