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Thanks to Amy, Merle has turned into a wonderful dog. At night he lies by our feet until it is bedtime - then his "Dad" takes him out to whiz and survey the property one last time. Afterwards he gets in his crate and sleeps all night. I am a little amazed that he is this calm considering where we were a couple of years ago. We seriously considered getting rid of him (call it what it is). The biggest difference has been Amy's training and the fence Amy recommended. Merle needs his space and often just wants to go outside into his back yard and do whatever dogs do (sun himself, chew on a stick, chase the squirrels, watch the neighborhood cats who taunt him). Amy taught us to speak "dog" so we know what his behavior means - a paw on top of us is not affection, it is dominance. We still have to work with him every day as he is naturally dominant (or a bit hard-headed). Yet, around other dogs he is very submissive. Sometimes he gets into a little trouble with other dogs because he is powerful and a bit goofy. I make a point of having him play with other dogs regularly. As I said, we have learned to speak "dog" but he has also learned a lot of English. He knows all his favorite people's names and will find them if they hide (he cheats though because he sniffs out the hiding places). He has also learned to get a beer from the refrigerator and bring it to us. He retrieves sticks and balls but his favorite toy is a log (yep, a log!) He knows the names of all his toys and will bring them to you if asked. Mostly these days we enjoy our time together. In the morning he chews his bone at my feet while I play on the computer. After my shower we always go for a ride in the car. When walking on a leash he is incredibly well behaved - other dogs barking or passing us do not phase him. In the afternoon, he is a great companion while I quilt. Don't get me wrong - we still have to closely supervise him with visitors because he is 85 lbs. and excitable (need to work on this). Sometimes he barks when people come to the door. Frankly, I suspect that bad behavior is just around the corner if we don't reinforce that we are the boss as Amy taught us. We love him very much and he is part of the family.
Ruby McGhee, Jamestown 10th December 2012

Oh my gosh. Would my dog ever stop barking at the school bus and the mailman? I thought if I got another dog Zoey would have something else to do. Nope. Now I had 2 dogs running at the windows and barking. My husband was fed up, so my vet recommended Amy. With a name like Bark Busters my hopes were high. Day one. Lesson one. NO BARKING! The both stopped. I did get lazy and Amy came to help me again. Now I am determined and months later still quiet. Money well spent!
Mrs P., High Point, North Carolina 17th November 2012

Dexter is a good dog but was scaring my friends when they came over. Hair up and barking at them. He started to nip at people and I had to do something. I talked to my vet who recommended Amy and Bark Busters. I was surprised to find out how much I did not know and am glad I did this. Dexter stopped barking immediately and relaxed. Amy even had my friend who was barked at come over and Dexter did not react. He stayed next to me and was uninterested. I still practice and months later he is still uninterested. Thank you Amy for saving Dexter.
Mark S., Greensboro, North Carolina 6th September 2012

Amy helped me with my dog, Oscar. He is a big puppy that will grow to be a big dog so we knew we had to stop him attacking the front door and jumping all over our friends. He refused to use the bathroom outside, got into our trash and the final straw was when he got our the front door and we could not catch him for 2 hours. In about 3 hours we could not believe the difference in our dog. He stopped jumping and knew that the front door was no longer his business! He's housetrained and my friends can come over again! Thank you Amy and for those who wonder, this way of working with your dog is not hard and it doesn't involve harsh collars! Best thing we did since picking out Oscar!
Mr T., Greensboro, North Carolina 20th July 2012

Amy was so great!!!! Our dog, a 50 lb. duck retriever -- was CRAZY. He jumped on my children, he barked at people, he scratched and nipped. In just a few hours, she taught us how to take control of the situation and helped train him. She got our children involved too. Now, he is a WONDERFUL part of our family. Two years later, we had a golden retriever join our family - and he was scaring our neighbors with his aggressive barking and charging at the fence. He's a 6-year old dog... and you CAN teach a dog new tricks! Thank you Amy!
Diane R-C, Greensboro 30th April 2012

As a lifelong dog person with a history of successful relationships with many dogs in multiple dog households, I was dismayed and overwhelmed when an issue developed in our pack that was beyond my skills. Thankfully we found our way to Amy Clear. Amy is honest, realistic, down to earth, respectful of people and dogs, committed to improving relationships and (true to her name!) CLEAR. The thorough presentation on dog behavior was fascinating and the skill building work was nothing short of miraculous. The energy shift within the whole household was palpable and noticed by anyone who visited us. While Bark Busters provides an excellent system, it is the delivery of the information and especially the ability of the trainer to accurately assess the issues and successfully teach, support and coach all the pack members (2 legged and 4 legged) that makes the system work. Amy is a master trainer/ coach/consultant. Thanks to the depth and breath of her skills we are again a happy pack with much better understanding of, communication with and appreciation for each other.
PG/TG, Graham 19th January 2012

My dog Penney is afraid of most things so imagine my surprise when she tried to attack a neighbor dog and started growling at my friends. I tried everything I could think of but when she actually bit my nephew I was really worried. My vet recommended Bark Busters and Amy came out right away. I had no idea how stressed Penney was. She stopped barking and growling on the first day and I am happy to report almost a year later, she has not barked or growled since! I will always watch her but she is so relaxed a truly seems like nothing bothers her like it did before. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Mrs M., High Point, North Carolina 1st December 2011

My wife and I used Amy with Bark Busters to help us with our dog Blu. Wow! We loved the entire experience. Amy is great and very knowledgeable and patient. Blu is a much better dog and we are amazing owners. When you go on a walk and people stop to comment about your wonderful dog you just know you made the right decision in hiring Amy! This will be the best spring and summer we have ever had since we can walk Blu as much as we want. Thank you Amy.
Mr K., Winston Salem, North Carolina 13th April 2011

We had Amy with Bark Busters help us with our dog Sullivan back in 2005. We learned so much and have had a wonderful dog for over 6 years! Well, now that he is older, we decided to get another dog form a rescue. Since Sullivan was so well trained we haven't had much to reinforce with him for so long that I was afraid I had forgotten how to start anew with another dog. Well, this new dog is full of energy! Jumping, nipping, grabbing food! So, I went back to my notes and called Amy, with her email recommendations and my notes I was back on track with my new dog. What you learn from Bark Busters is amazing! The education and information is thorough and Amy makes it easy to implement.
Ms S., Greensboro, North Carolina 8th March 2011

My wife and I did treat training in a class that we enjoyed. Our dog Bradley seemed to do really well until he pulled my wife down on a walk in the park. We knew we needed to try another approach. Amy with Bark Busters helped us learn about why Bradley would not listen when excited and helped us change it. I think these reviews are the best for people who need to know if this works and it is worth it. And my wife and I, and Bradley would tell you absolutely, yes! We have such a great relationship with him now, we are thinking of getting another dog. If you are having a hard time getting your dog to listen to you and if you want to have a relaxed, happy dog, this is the way to go. We learned so much and Amy was there to help us every step of the way. Thank you Amy!
Mr E., greensboro, North Carolina 1st March 2011

Training for my dog Molly was really a challenge. I tried classes and another trainer before finding Amy. Amy agreed Molly is a challenge. She refused to listen and seemed to care about nothing! Well, Amy worked hard with me to find the ways to get through to her. It was not easy and not really fast, but even when I was ready to give up, Amy gave me all the encouragement I needed to keep on going. Sure enough, finally, Molly decided it was worth it to listen to me. Well, that was over 5 months ago when she had her breakthrough and she is a different dog now. Like Amy said, I think she needed to see my dedication to her before she would become dedicated to me. I am so glad I found Amy. It was well worth the time and the money because I have a dog that I would not trade for anything! If you want a method that is natural and a trainer that cares as much (or more!) than you do, call Amy with Bark Busters.
Ms K., greensboro, North Carolina 11th February 2011

My dog Brodie is a midsized dog that could still pull me on the leash and barked at everyone and everything. But the last thing I could deal with was when he nipped at my grandson. Amy helped me immediately, even on the phone. I was so upset and she really calmed me down! It has been over 2 weeks since we started training for Brodie and my family and I are so much more relaxed and happy with him. I thought I was going to have to get rid of him, but he is quiet and he listens to me! My grandson has also learned about safety. Amy and Bark Busters saved my life and Brodie's. I am still working on breaking my own bad habits, but this system is a simplified way to communicate with Brodie that really works. Amy, you saved us! Thank you!
Ms P., greensboro, North Carolina 21st January 2011

We stared training for our dog, Sullivan, a large, mixed breed dog a little over a month ago. Over the holidays and into the new year we were able to celebrate the new dog we have. Sullivan is a big, strong dog that jumped on people to love them but left bruises on our friends. My wife could not walk him because he wanted to visit every person and dog he saw. His big bark made people nervous, so Amy came and taught us how to get Sullivan to listen to us. We had done other dog training for him but never really made a dent in his behavior. These training results were quick and lasting. My wife can walk him and our friends can come into our home and see a new, calm dog.
Mr C., greensboro, North Carolina 5th January 2011

It is after Christmas and I had to write a review because my dog Pete, was incredible throughout all of the visitors and crazy schedules over the holidays. My wife and I worked with Amy only a few short weeks ago to get Pete to stop jumping on guests and scaring them with his barking when they came to the door. In these weeks we got that to stop and we got the walks to be better as he does not bark and want to run at everyone he sees. Pete even comes when he is called. THAT is something I never thought he would do and felt I could just offer a treat for the rest of his life, but Amy let us know that we could get all the behaviors we wanted. We do not have to wrestle Pete anymore to get him away from the door and into a bedroom. We had about 14 people over the holidays and Pete was great. It was nice to show off my dog!
Mr G., greensboro, North Carolina 28th December 2010

Amy helped me with my crazy dog, Tucker. After knocking over my visitors, pulling me down the road and upsetting my neighbors everytime he went in the backyard barking at everything and nothing, I called Amy. Not only did I learn a lot but Tucker did too. His behavior changed and has stayed that way thanks to Amy's support and help. I now have a quiet home that people, even my mom, can safely visit. Thank you Amy!
Bekka, Greensboro 9th December 2010

Bark Busters is great! Amy is wonderful. My dog Peanut may be small, but he has a screeching bark that was like fingernails on a chalkboard. Unfortunately, this would happen all the time - when someone walked by, the Fed Ex man showed up, or someone rang the doorbell. I was about ready to get myself some earplugs when Amy came to my rescue. Both the dog and I are better trained! By reinforcing her dog training principles just a few times a day, I'm happy to say that Peanut is a new and quieter dog!
Ms Z., Kernersville, North Carolina 11th November 2010

Amy helped me with my dog Toby over 7 months ago. Toby is my big, crazy dog who barked, jumped and never came when I called him unless I had the best treat in the world. After he freaked out the UPS man, I knew I had to do something, so I chose Bark Busters after talking to a few trainers and looking into classes. I knew classes would not be enough for all of Toby's issues and I was right. This method is easy. Yeah, I had to learn a lot, but Amy made it simple and helped me with how Toby responds to me. The change was almost as fast as what you see on TV and without editing! If you have a dog you want to make into a dog your friends and even the UPS guy can like, call Amy. This works and it is time and money well spent. And, yeah, I am a guy that does not have lots of either, so I do not say that lightly.
Mr B., High Point, North Carolina 10th November 2010

I waited over a year to write a review. I promised I would do this if my dog, Cocoa got her Canine Good Citizen. If anyone told me a year ago this dog was capable of this I would have told them they were crazy! She was an out of control puppy, nipping, jumping, barking, chewing her leash and never came when we called her. Now, it is hard to believe she was ever that bad. She is amazing. She is calm and listens and is so focused on what we ask her to do. Amy helped us achieve our Canine Good Citizen title. Everything said here is true. This is the best method for anyone who wants their dog to listen and to be happy and a great family companion. We had tried classes and all she got was sit, nothing more. I was ready to give up when my vet told us about Amy. Skeptical, yes. Amazed, yes. Best thing we have ever done as pet owners and we will use this method with every dog we ever get!
Mrs R., Greensboro, North Carolina 21st August 2010

Two years ago we adopted a 1.5-year-old German shepherd dog named Talia from a rescue group. Her behavior was wonderful around our family, but when people outside the family tried enter her territory, Talia would turn into the "guard dog from hell." It was a nightmare to have visitors to our house because of Talia's barking and jumping. I took her to obedience classes and had success teaching her commands, but nothing I did changed her protective behaviors in the home. When I contacted Amy Clear, I was looking for a humane trainer, not one that would 'break' the dog of her negative behaviors with violence or force. Talia's bad behavior was motivated by fear, and she probably was not treated well early in life, so I did not want to make her more fearful. She was already a great dog with just our family and I wanted her to be that same great dog for others when they came to our home. Amy taught me how to be the leader that Talia needed in order to calm her fears and improve her behavior. Thanks to Amy, Bark Busters training, and lots of practice, I now can have people over to our house!!! A few weeks ago we had a family of four visit and stay with us for several days. I was a bit worried about how Talia would react-these people are friends of my husband's and I had never met them before. After an initial sniff-down, Talia accepted our guests. The second day they were here, Talia even jumped into bed with the teenagers. We are so proud of Talia; when these guests were in our home she acted like the dog she is for our family when no outsiders are present. Sweet, loveable, mushy doggy-not the Cujo-dog she had been in the past. This summer we have also had more children over for playdates and sleepovers without having to worry about "scary barking dog." When people come over, we tell Talia to go wait, and she does so without the barking and craziness that she used to do. Most importantly, she listens to me; I know that we have a connection. I've watched her behavior change slowly as we continue to practice the techniques that Amy gave us. The changes in Talia have happened gradually and she gets better and better every day. I am so thankful to Amy for helping us turn this guard dog into a family pet.
Chrissy K., Greensboro 15th August 2010

Amy helped me and my dog Chloe last year. I waited until I could say that this methods works forever. Chloe would bark, run and act crazy each time someone passed my house or came to my house. It got to the point where I had to put her outside or in my bedroom and even then she barked nonstop. After just 2 visits, Chloe no longer ran to the door, barked or jumped. Even in the backyard she was quiet. I worked with her the way I was told and Chloe progressed just as Amy said she would. I kept up with it for months and it is now just normal for Chloe and easy for me. The personal attention and customized way Amy helps you and your dog is worth 2x what I paid. If you want your dog to be quiet and nice to visitors and a good solid neighbor, call Amy.
Ms P., Winston Salem, North Carolina 18th May 2010

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